The Legend of AngelGreen by Glenn Volmer (EBook)

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3 Short fables, that will capture your imagination.

Fable One – The Legend of AngelGreen
This is the original collection of three stories to delight all, with adventures of The Master Wizard, the Fairy Princess, and how the entire galaxy was saved by the most powerful force in all the cosmos.

Fable Two – The Hand of the StarMaker
Learn how Earth came to be populated, and all about our mission on this planet. Learn what a W.P.V. is, and it’s vital role! Coming soon to galaxy near you!!

Fable Three – The Wizard Forest of Etznab
Sheer Whimsical Fantasy… A Delight!!
Discover the Great Shining Star of Joy from Saturn, learn how cats got their purr, how trees have an angelic connection…and how you… find the… greatest joy in life!
​The inspiration for The Legend of AngelGreen fables came initially from a woman I had met in 1996. I desired to write a poem for her as a gift, when I decided she deserved more, which led to the creation of the fables. I wanted to draw upon my years of esoteric metaphysical experience and weave that knowledge into something more expansive than a short poem. In the 1980’s the world of crystal and stones opened up a world to me that I never knew existed, which led me to learning about angels, Native American beliefs, Mayan calendar cosmology, essential oil aromatherapy, and became a Reiki healer practitioner.

ISBN-13: 978-1-61500-142-2
Publication date: April 1, 2017
Pages: 76
Product dimensions: 5 x 7
Genre: Fantasy / Wizards
Age: 8 and up

Glenn Vomer (Pen Name: Ra Mikael Elohim HearStar), chose to be born in the state of Colorado, so he could be with his beloved bristle cone trees and high mountains. He currently resides in Evergreen with his fat cat, Ms. Neptune Furball. He maintains an ever changing fleet of fine steel road racing bicycles, and loves to ride them on the highest paved road in North America, to the summit parking lot of Mt. Evans (14,130’). That incredible mountain has been the inspiration for much of the material in this volume, and continues to be a never-ending source of great love and strength.

For years, I was on the board of Directors of The Denver UFO society which was a fascinating learning experience resulting in the knowledge that is presented in these fables. Works on future volumes is progressing…
Stay tuned!!!

In Memory of:
Glenn E. Volmer, (Pen Name -- Ra Mikael Elohim HearStar)
September 10, 1943 – October 20, 2006

Note: All of Glenn’s works are being made available once again by Jonathan Michael Volmer, Glenn’s nephew.

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