Book Manufacturing

POD Book Production


We work with a fulfillment center that handle our orders that they receive from wholesalers / distributors / bookstores and online booksellers around the world.


POD, or Print On Demand, is also known as Short Run Printing, which varies anywhere from 1 copy to several hundred copies per print run, per title, and only as needed based upon sales. There is also inventory with POD.  However, these will have little chance to be placed upon Main Chain bookshelves. But we have had our titles on the bookshelves of Barnes And Noble.



Offset Production


This is the traditional method of printing  in bulk, and stored until ordered by customers through book sellers. With offset, there is a minimum order based on Offset Book Manufactures. (See Advantages / Disadvantages below)**

Minimum Print Run:


1) Paperback -- B/W interior -- 1,500 copies per print run - per title along with a (+/- 10%)

2) Paperback -- Color interior -- 1,000 copies per print run - per title along with a (+/- 10%)

3) Hardback -- B/W interior -- 750 copies per print run - per title along with a (+/- 10%)

4) Hardback -- Color -- 500 copies per print run - per title along with a (+/- 10%)


We will be setting up accounts with different Offset book manufacturing in addition to our other accounts, and it will have a fulfillment network, worldwide distribution.


Basic minimum for Offset printing is 50 - 100 (+/- 10%) copies per print run - per title.  Authors orders may receive  (+/- 10%) any order.


For the author to benefit financially from this offset investment, we suggest that you plan to print a minimum of 500 (+/- 10%) copies or more. Please contact us for more information.






  • More design and print flexibility. You’ll have more options than what is supported through POD printing,  such as the following:  The ability to print at a higher resolution, meaning sharper and cleaner book covers and interior type, because of the printing tools used.

  • Additional cover and paper stock options, such as gloss- or matte-coated paper stock.

  • Additional trim size and design options (example: embossed text on the front cover).

  • Lower book printing price. Each book costs less compared to POD. The cost to print each offset is individually quoted depending on volume and the book’s specs.

  • Books have more of a chance to get selected for store shelf placement

  • Books are available to more booksellers

  • It lowers print cost, and maximizes the return on books

  • Call your Book Consultant to discuss your options.



Offset publishing requires a large, upfront investment that authors may not wish to spend. There is also no guarantee anything other than your book will be published.  (Most authors are satisfied  with POD to start.)






The cost of offset printing is quoted per book on a case-by-case basis depending on your book’s format and the volume you wish to print.

Please contact your Book Consultant for more information




Manufacturing differences

Paperbacks / Hardcover books, sold through the Distribution channels worldwide, will be manufactured by third parties book Manufacturers. There may be minor differences in manufacturing (e.g., paper thickness, color shade, Ink / Toner, etc.).