Please send complete Manuscripts as 1 page & 1 column per sheet. (If your book requires columns, please let us know at time of sending us your Manuscript). After you send your manuscript, and signed the Publishing Contract, we will contact you on other materials to send.


Submission must include the following:

  1. Full complete Manuscript

  2. Full e-mail address for contact

  3. Your Real Name and/ if you like to use a Pen Name -- and with a scanned government ID attached

  4. Complete Printed Manuscript, with a word file and a PDF send on a Flash Drive

  5. If there are any pictures in your book, you must place them where you want them to be. Also you have to send at the same time, a copy of all your pictures as actual photographs to us, so we can remove the picture from the manuscript, and replace using the actual photos at a high resolution.

  6. The Age of your book Audience

  7. A Long Description about your book (2 - 3 Paragraph)

  8. A Short description of your book (No more than 25 words)

  9. at least 3 - 5 genre list, that your book will be listed under

  10. Several paragraphs on what you the author will do to get your self noticed as a author, and to get book sales. (We will hold you 100% to this letter and if you do not get sales of your book, and get your self noticed as a author of your book, we will end your book publishing contract).

  11. Several paragraphs on what makes your book different, and unique, from other books that your book follows in that same genre. And why should people buy your book over those other books in the same genre.

  12. If your want your manuscript returned to you if we decide not to publish your book. You must inculde a Self-Stamped / Address envelope to have your materials Returned back to you. Or we will discard all Materials.

How to send your Full manuscript - Must be sent as above.



If your manuscript is not accompanied by all Required elements above, your manuscript will be rejected when it arrives.


Send full Manuscript and all materials above, by USPS, UPS, FEDX, etc., to:

DragonEye Publishing

c/o Manuscript Dept.

753A Linden Place

Elmira, NY. 14901


Do not submit your manuscript in the following methods, because we will not look at your manuscript to consider publishing your book.


Do not send:


  1. Manuscript As Attachment in Email

  2. Manuscript in Email body

  3. Nor sending only Only 1 - 2 chapters

  4. If you are contracted with another publisher



Read more at this link - Publish With Us page

** After submission of your Manuscript, the process review time is 2 months - 3 month, which includes research on your manuscript and you. At that end of that time, we will contact you, if we are interested in becoming your publisher.  We research both you and your books before contacting you.

If we are interested in publishing your book, we will contact you by Mail and Email, by the end of 90 days (3 Months after receiving your manuscript). If we are not interested in your book we will not reply back.



Note: If we decided not to be your publisher and you want your manuscript  and all material Returned back to you. You need to include --- A self Address and Stamped Envelope. If you do not we will discard your materials.


Also we do not help writers to find a publisher if we decide not to Publish your Material.