Publish With Us!

DragonEye Publishing is the publisher of record, and is the owner of the ISBN's that are assign to our published books. We publish and make available to both major bookstore chains as well as online stores. The author gives DragonEye Publishing full publishing, printing, selling, and distribution rights to their book(s). 


We publish in the following formats:  


  • Paperback

  • Hardback

  • E-Books  EPub for Nook / Mobi for Kindle)

  • CD (coming) 

  • PDF


NOTE:  DragonEye Publishing also determines the retail price and the royalty that you will receive.



Please keep in mind that no literary agent / publisher / marketer or bookstore manager - owner, wholesaler / distributor can predict how a book will sell, and therefore, how much of a fee you are likely to regain by publishing your book. Much of the success of the sale of a book has to do with the footwork and promotion by the author by promoting it to the public as well as participating at events - whether through a Large Traditional Publishing Houses, or Independent Publishers.


Authors are competing against 15-25 million other authors, and at least 120 millions titles.  It is the responsibility of the author to promote their books using everything available, such as: 


  • Websites

  • Social Media

  • Book Signings, etc.



Please note that DragonEye Publishing knows that being an author is a real job.  Working together is the way a book sells.  




‚ÄčIf you own your own ISBN's, then you are the publisher.

We will not handle your book or be your publisher.